Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school from two weeks off for Spring Break. Hope you had fun! had many adventures! Maybe even met new people, but now i’s time to get back to work and get your head back in the game!

Valentines Day

It’s that time of year again!

Valentines day Silent heart will be taking place on Friday.
The silent heart is a game we play on Valentines day, where the girls are NOT allowed  to speak to the boys. All the girls will have a paper heart, and if they speak to a boy (whether it be teacher or student) outside of class, they must give their heart over.

Stuffed or Starving?

Hazelton Secondary School has taken action to help fight hunger within our school. In the counselling area a new Stuffed or Starving box has been put in place. If you have extra food, or wish to make a donation, place your food in the box. If you forgot your lunch or are in need of food, feel free to take a food item from the box. We hope to make this a lasting edition to our school, and to stopping hunger in our school. We need donations, so if you have food you are able to part with, please drop it off in the counselling area. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!


The student handbook has been update as of today. Each category under the drop down menu “Information” is a page of the handbook. Please read this over and check with your student to make sure he/she is aware of what it entails.


It’s flu season again! If your child is experiencing vomiting, fever, or other flu-like symptoms, please DO NOT send them to school. It is peak flu season, there are many bugs around, and we are trying to prevent wide-spread outbreaks of illness.
If your child is away from school for any reason, please call to advise us. If you request homework, please ensure it is picked up.

Up and Runnin’

For all the students and the community out there, send your articles to the school and the Web Master will publish it and broadcast it through out the community, thank you.