Grease is the WORD!


Come and see Grease!
Directed by grade 12 student Max Beertema and starring many Grade 8 to Grade 12 students.
Four nights of musical awesomeness at the Hazelton Secondary!
You do not want to miss this…

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French Immersion

Information Gathering Meeting in regards to the French Immersion Program

There will be a meeting held on Monday, April 18th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm in the library of Hazelton Secondary School.
The purpose of this meeting is to gather information from the community about the French Immersion Program, specifically from grades 10 to 12.
The French Immersion Advisory committee is looking for feedback from the community.
The meeting is open to all community members and there will be information about the program, what other districts are doing with their French Immersion program, and some questions to consider.

Maxine Champion
Coordinator-French Immersion Program

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An Evening at School

Even though it’s after school hours, our school is still a busy place; it gets used for a myriad of things.
Band practice, drama (we’ll keep you up to date on that…), competitions in the weekends and lots of sports during the week.

On Monday and Wednesday evening it is time for Community Volleyball, with our own Monsieur Melanson as coach.
A varying group of youngsters, consisting of students, graduates and anybody else who is interested, play dynamic and compelling volleyball from 8 until 9.30 pm.
But mostly their not done till 10 pm….






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Course Selection will be starting for our students the week of February 8th and will wrap up during the week of March 14th .
Please take some time to look at our Course Catalogue and go through the course selections with your child.

Hazelton Secondary Course Booklet

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s courses, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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When technology fails us…

Our phone lines are down at the moment.
If you are trying to get through to us and you’re not succeeding, the problem is at our end of the line, literary.

phoneOur apologies for any inconveniences.

We are working on getting it resolved as soon as possible.

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