• $5000 scholarships are open. Applicants must be on track to graduate and meet core eligibility and scholarship-specific requirements by August 31, 2024. Online applications are due February 15, 2024, by 2:59 pm PST. Please contact with questions. Home – Province of British Columbia (

Scholarship Applications

National (September to January deadlines)

Provincial (November to April deadlines)

  • BC Excellence Scholarships
  • BC Achievement Scholarships
  • BC Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarships
  • Indigenous BC scholarships –
  • The Terry Fox Humanitarian Award is up to $28,000.00 over 4 years. Check out your eligibility here: Deadline is December 1st, 2023. Please see Ms. Tetreau for more details or assistance.
  • TD Scholarship for Indigenous Peoples. Up to $10,000.00 each year for 4 years. Check out for details. Deadline is November 6, 2023. Please see Ms. Tetreau for more information or assistance.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS & BURSARIES – M’akola Development Services (


  • District Dogwood Scholarships – application out in late April

Institution of Study

  • Every post-secondary institution has its own scholarship and awards program. When you decide which postsecondary you will be applying to, check their website (usually under “financial aid”) and/or school calendar. Most institutions make an effort to post their scholarships and awards well ahead of deadlines. Please note, some of the school scholarships and awards will require separate application forms.

Local (March to May deadline)

  • Every year, over 40 Hazelton area businesses, groups, organizations, clubs, and individuals donate money in the form of scholarships and awards for graduates of School District 82. Selections are based on a variety of criteria which may include marks, merit, affiliation or financial need. A general application form and details of all of the local scholarships and awards are available in the counselling office at HSS in March, before Spring Break.

See Ms. Tetreau for more information.

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