Students will have the opportunity to rotate the below seven options during X Block:

Community Connections (Indigenous Resource Center)

  • this option allows students and staff a chance to connect with community, Bands, Elders, Knowledge Keepers, Song and Dance Groups and other outside agency supports, helping to support the establishment of mutual relationships while providing direction and guidance for our students, and staff to use in their classes.
  • working with community to find culturally respectful ways to have CULTURE to begin the day. Celebrating their daily success, rooted in who they are and finding a way to bring daily gratitude and a reminder of things that are successes.  This is key to changing the narrative at the school.
  • this can also be used for time towards a credit such as Language and Culture.

Homework Club

  • are designated classrooms, with designated teachers and EAs. Students will have access to instructional time with teachers to support the student’s classes.

Morning Movement (Health & Wellness)

  • in the gym with designated teachers and EAs. This could supplement mental health as well, as count towards PE credits as it would be instructional minutes.

Counselling (Mental Health Team)

  • our counsellors will be available to see students one on one and/or provide workshops on mental health. This will support students’ regulation as well, can be used as credit for their Mosaic of Health and Wellness, also used as instructional minutes.

Breakfast Club

  • available in the ISW Room with a designated teacher and ISW’s. Students can access a nutritional breakfast to start their day. Students often come hungry, leaving class to find food. We want to support their development by providing the opportunity for a nutritious breakfast. Also, there is a teacher present to provide instructional time regarding health and nutrition, and food preparation.

Learning in the Library

  • this option is with a designated teacher offering instructional support to students who choose to work on projects in the library and to access the computers for assignments.

Connections Room

  • this option allows students to work in a quiet, academic focused environment to complete missed assignments, and in-school suspensions.
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