The purpose of ELL services offered at Hazelton Secondary School is to facilitate student success and inclusion in school and society, increasing literacy outcomes (reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing) and self-confidence.

The aim of ELL services in the Province of British Columbia is to enable students to become competent in social and academic communication, in order to:
  • Achieve the expected learning outcomes of the provincial curriculum;
  • Develop their individual potential; and
  • Acquire the language proficiency, skills, and learning strategies and interpersonal skills needed to succeed in school and contribute positively to society (ELL Policy Guidelines, 2018)
ELL services that are available in our school:
  • One on one remediation sessions with ELLs in our school (direct skill-building instruction/ support to an individual student) – September – November
  • Collaborative planning with individual student regarding language goals and strategies – September – November
  • Delivering small-group instruction – throughout the school year
  • Consulting with classroom teacher, classroom assistant and / or teaching assistant on how to meet the learning needs of ELLs in our school – throughout the school year
  • Providing the classroom teacher with materials and strategies (e.g. adaptations, supplementary curriculum materials, accommodations) – throughout the school year
  • Co-planning with classroom teacher – November onward
  • Co-teaching or team teaching within the regular classroom – throughout the school year – November onward
Our English Language Learning Program teacher works intensively 1:1 and in small groups with ELL students throughout the year in addition to the services listed above.
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