Open your home to an International Student and expand your horizons


Homestay Families Wanted
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Coast Mountains School District 82 and Northwest Community College are seeking homestay host families for international students.  Students from around the world are choosing to study in beautiful and pristine northwest BC and you can play an important role in making their Canadian experience truly unforgettable.

High school and college students want to experience high-quality, personalized education while experiencing local culture, discovering the great outdoors and enjoying the safety and friendliness of smaller communities.  Help us show them our true regional hospitality by becoming a homestay family.

Living with local families helps international students immerse themselves in Canadian culture and helps in developing English language skills.  By opening your home to a student, they will experience daily life in Canada, while introducing your family to the unique opportunity to learn about another culture.  It is also the beginning of what often becomes a life-long, cross-cultural friendship.

Students will need both short and long-term homestay experiences.

For more information about becoming a host family for the International Student Homestay Program, please visit the school district’s new International Student Program website at:

Or contact our Director of Instruction for School Support, Janet Meyer at (250) 638-4480 or for assistance.


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Internet Safety

We all hear about Internet Safety on an almost daily basis.
From cyber bullying to internet scams; from sexting to cyber privacy, most of us are directly or indirectly confronted with the safety and dangers of the internet

To make our students aware of these, and more topics regarding internet safety, there will be a workshop on Monday, April 3rd, from 1-3 pm.
Students and staff are encouraged to bring their devices, as they will be used to demonstrate safety features.

There will be a similar session for parents from 6:30-8:30 pm in the HSS Library.
Pizza and refreshments will be provided.

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Course Selections

It’s that time for year again, where our students get to do course selections for the following school year.
Our course selection schedule is outlined below.

If you need any advise, or wish to talk to the teachers of your child(eren), please don’t hesitate to give us a call or come by with your child(eren)

Course Selections:
Wednesday, March 1: Grade 9 -> 10
9am-10am: A-L
10am-11am: M-Z

Thursday, March 2: Grade 10 -> 11
9am-10:35am: A-M
12:25pm – 1:40pm: N-Z

Monday, March 6: Grade 11 -> 12
9am-10:35am: A-L
12:25pm – 1:40pm: N-Z

Tuesday, March 7: Missed Students:
Grade 9 & 10 9am
Grade 10 & 11 10:15am
Grade 11 & 12 12:25pm

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Wear Pink on Wednesday, February 22nd for Anti-Bullying Day


Wednesday, February 22nd is Day of Pink across British Columbia and Canada! 

Join thousands of students and staff across British Columbia to show your support for anti-bullying initiatives: wear the official anti-bullying colour, pink!

Pink Day started in 2007 when two Nova Scotia high school students decided to create a “Sea of Pink” to support a grade 9 boy who was called homophobic names when he wore a pink shirt to school.  See related story on website.   This day is now celebrated right across Canada.

A sea of pink in schools and communities will show BC’s commitment to a safe and inclusive province that actively promotes respectful and kind behaviour among its citizens.

On February 22nd we encourage everyone to practice kindness.  Together we can end bullying!




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