Hello everyone

I hope that everyone is finding new and interesting ways to pass their time as well as taking this opportunity to learn something new.  Speaking of something new, we really want to emphasise to everyone the importance of students continuing to complete lessons and assignments that are being prepared by teachers.  All our lessons are designed to prepare our students for their next steps, whether that means moving up to the next grade or being prepared for life after high school.  So for that reason, it doesn’t matter what grade your child is in, it is important that they complete the work so that they have the best chance of success as they move forward.

Part of these lessons are done online and our teachers set these meetings in the morning as well as the afternoon.  Because of this, it is a good idea to keep your children on a regular sleep schedule so that they are able to get up and be prepared for the day’s lessons and meetings.  We are asking teachers to be in contact with their students at least once a week, either online or over the phone.  This way our students will get that constant encouragement not to fall behind in their work and it gives them the chance for feedback that they need on the work they have completed.

For students who have received a computer from the school, it is important to remember that you must be connected to the internet the first time you log in.  As well, your username is always (First name).(Last name)@student.cmsd.bc.ca.  The password will be the one they used in the school.  If any student has problems with remembering their password, contact the school and we will help set them up with a new one.

Again, thank you so much to all the families of our students for their hard work and support during this time of new technology and alternative learning opportunities.  Your patience and support has allowed us to go forward with relative ease as we move towards providing opportunities for continued education.  There are still going to be bumps on the road but with your help, we will not only get through this, but will be stronger in the end.

Thank you.

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