School Policies


All students are supplied with the necessary textbooks. It is your responsibility to look after them. Students must pay for lost or damaged books.


All students are provided with a hall locker for books and coats and a gym locker for gym strip. Locks may be purchased at the main office for $5.00.

Lockers are to be kept locked at all times! Do NOT tell anyone your lock combinations. Valuable items other than school supplies should not be brought to school. Students leaving items of value in their lockers do so at their own risk. The school will not accept responsibility for lost articles. Student lockers may be searched at any time by administration.

Prohibited Items:

Do not bring to school items such as knives or anything that can be conceived as a weapon. Drug or alcohol paraphernalia is also prohibited. Bringing these items into the school or onto school property may result in an out-of-school suspension.

School Dress:

While at school, dress must be appropriate and demonstrate good taste.  Clothing bearing profanity or vulgarism is unacceptable, as is clothing that promotes the use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco. Students may be required to cover up or change inappropriate clothing.


Student traffic in the halls during class periods disturbs classes in session.  Students are not to be in the halls during class periods without a valid reason and a hall pass.

School Bus:

Use of a school bus is a privilege. Any student who contravenes a school or bus code of conduct may be suspended from school bus service.

Field Trips:

Students are expected to follow all school rules while on field trips.
Consequences for misbehaviour, involvement with drugs/alcohol etc. will be as listed in the attached table addressing behaviour and consequences. In addition, a student may be sent home at their own, or their parent’s cost. In all cases administration will be contacted, and in consultation with parents and teachers, consequences will follow. For extended, international field trips, administrators and parents will be contacted and in consultation with teachers consequences will be determined depending on the severity of the misbehaviour.  Students should remember that on all field trips students represent themselves, the school and their community.

Extra – Curricular Activities:

Extra-curricular clubs meet during lunch hour or after school. Since these activities must be sponsored, students may consider approaching a member of the staff to request their assistance.

According to school law “Every pupil shall be subject to the code of conduct established for the school while on school premises… and at all games and functions whenever and wherever held.” In other words, school rules apply at all extra-curricular activities (games, practices, dances, etc.) as they do during the regular school day.

Student Leadership:

The student leadership team is responsible for many student activities such as: dances, assemblies and special events. Students are often involved in fund-raising for school clubs and various charities. An effective Student Leadership Team is the key to the spirit of our school. Get involved!


• Regular school conduct is expected of all students.

• Students are not to use alcohol or drugs before or at school dances.  Students who do not abide by this rule will be suspended from all dances and extra-curricular activities for one year. This also pertains to fighting or bullying before, during or after dances.

  • •Students who skip classes in the week before the dance or whose attendance or behaviour has been poor will not be allowed to come to a dance.
  • Students who leave the dance will not be re-admitted.
  • Students in grade 11 and 12 may invite guests with permission from administration for the Christmas dance and the Spring Prom.
  • All coats and hats must be checked at the coat check. All cell phones and Ipods will be removed and kept in a secure spot for the duration of the dance. Students found with cameras, cell phones or Ipods during the dance will not be allowed at the following dance!



Assemblies can be informative and fun. However, it is important to be a good audience and appreciative of any performance, whether it be from fellow students or a guest in our school.

No hats, head-sets, cell phones, shoes or cameras are to be used in the gymnasium during assemblies. Leave books and coats in your classroom. Once in the assembly students are not permitted to leave. Assemblies are part of the school program and attendance is compulsory.

Fire Drills/ Evacuation:

When the fire alarm rings, students are to leave the school immediately by the nearest exit, in an orderly fashion and must remain with their teacher and class. Students may return to the school on the instructions of an administrator. Students must not interfere with the fire protection system. A suspension from school will result for tampering with the fire alarm system. Students may be
charged for the costs involved.

Lock Downs:

During an emergency lock down, students must follow the directions of their teachers or administrators.

Cars/ Motorcycles:

Students wishing to bring motor vehicles to school must comply with the proper vehicle rules while on and around school grounds. All vehicles must be parked in the student parking lot. Any abuse will result in the immediate suspension of this privilege.

Cell Phones, Cameras, IPods etc:

Cell phones, cameras, IPods etc. are not to be used during class time. If cameras and cell phones are used to take photos or videos without permission from a teacher or administrator they will be taken away.

Seat Warming Policy:

Every student has the right to an education and comes to school to learn.  Learning is an interactive process. It happens when the student attends school regularly, and is actively involved in the learning process, which includes completing assignments.

“Seatwarming” occurs when a student sits in his/her seat in a class and refuses to participate. The student is not actively involved and takes no responsibility for his/her education.

If every attempt has been made by the school, by teachers, administrators, counselors and First Nations Support Workers to engage and assist the student, that student may be asked to attain his/her education by some means other than through the high school.


It is illegal for staff or students, or visitors to smoke on school property.


Hazelton Secondary School will not tolerate fighting. Fighting during school time, on school property, or on the way to or from school, will result in a suspension from school. Fighting is both dangerous and a public embarrassment. The school must be a safe place for all students.


Bullying will not be tolerated. Those students engaging in bullying behavior will be dealt with immediately; parents will be contacted and a suspension may take place. If necessary, the RCMP will be contacted.

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