School Organization


Grades 8 & 9 operate on a combined linear / semester system. Grades 10, 11 & 12 operate on a semester system, whereby each student will take four subjects from September through January and four subjects from February to June.

Timetable Changes

Timetable Changes must be done through our counselors. The necessary course change forms must be completed. Normally, course changes may not occur later than 5 days after the semester begins.


Every student will be assigned to a homeroom. Homeroom teachers will meet with their classrooms periodically to review important information.

School Attendance

Regular attendance is compulsory. School law states “every pupil registered in a public school shall be required to attend school daily, and shall not depart without the school’s consent.”

If students are unable to attend or will be late, guardians are requested to telephone the school. Guardians will be notified if their child is not in class or has poor attendance.

Remember: Good attendance is essential for academic success!

Students late for school must sign in at the office to receive a late slip. All school lates will be recorded.

Leaving Early

A student having to leave school early for reasons such as a medical or dental appointment should have their guardians phone the school or send a note explaining the situation. The note should be shown at the office early in the day so that the student may obtain an early dismissal slip from either the vice principal or principal. Appointments should be made after school or on Saturday when possible.


All students who become ill while at school must report to the office. They may be admitted to the medical room, or their parents/guardians will be contacted.


Assigned homework is an important part of our school program. Grade 8, 9 and 10 students may be expected to do up to one hour of home study each night, (more if they did not complete work in class). Grade 11 and 12 students should be prepared to do up to 2 hours each night depending on their course load. Students are also responsible for all missed class work. Please pick up
homework from teachers if your child is away for more than one day.

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