Hello everyone. We made it to the end of the year! Congratulations to all the people who took on the roles of teachers during this pandemic. If anyone knows the hard work you put in, it would be teachers and staff at HSS. Hopefully everyone got the chance to see what we see on a regular basis, those “aha” moments when students/your children finally get that concept that had been eluding them. You also hopefully got the chance to see the growth first hand that teachers get to see in your children as they continue to progress through the year.
On related note, report cards are ready for pick-up or will be mailed out Thursday June 25. Please call 250-842-5214 if you’d like to pick-up your child’s report card. There is also a “drop-box” located at the front doors for any outstanding HSS library books. Notices are being send with the report cards.
Again, thank you to everyone who helped support the students in countless different ways during this pandemic and helped prepare the students at HSS for whatever their next steps may be. It was a great team effort and at the end of the day, it is the students who win, which means we all win. Have a safe and exciting summer and we’ll see you soon!
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