Message from HSS Admin

We would like to take this opportunity for all your continued patience and understanding as we continue to adapt to life with the Covid19 pandemic.  We really appreciate that you have been calling the school in search of information.  This is really important because there is a lot of information going around and we want to make sure everyone is getting accurate news.

On that note, we would like to remind everyone that students will continue to be assessed on the work that they are doing either online or with paper copies.  This work, even though it is being taught in a different way, is no different than the classroom work they would receive and it will help prepare them for next year, whether that may be for the next grade, post-secondary, or the workforce.  So let’s keep our kids working on their lessons so we can give them the best chance of success.

We know Graduation is also on the minds of many people. We understand that this is an important event for family and friends and even more important for students.  This is also something we are thinking about and exploring options for; however, we also welcome your ideas and input.  You can share your ideas on the Hazelton Grad Class 2020 page on Facebook or you can contact Pamela Morrison or Barbara Janze.

Finally, we will be sending out Term 3 report cards next week.  These marks will be based on student work up until March Break.  Again, we will continue to assess our students for the remainder of the year based on the work provided either online or through paper copies between now and June, at which time final grades will be provided.

Once again, thank you for continued support and we look forward to completing another successful year at Hazelton Secondary School,


Paul Boisvert  Acting Principal

Jan Thorburn  Acting Vice Principal


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