As we continue with our rollout for student work, things are starting to settle a bit here at HSS to the point that we can now start to allow parents to come to the school to collect the things from their children’s lockers. If you would like to do so, we ask that you call the school in advance and arrange a time in which you can come and collect their things. We have staff who will go to the lockers and collect the materials and for this reason, as well as our policy on social distancing, we will not be accepting cold calls into the school, please do not just drop in. Parents are to call between 9AM and 1:30PM and arrange a time you will be by to pick up your child’s things. It will be placed in a bin outside our school so parents can come and pick it up safely. If you are unable to come to the school, please call the school directly at 250-842-5214 and we can make alternative arrangements. Thank you to everyone for your patience and hope everyone remains safe and healthy.

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