Discipline Policy


Students who misbehave, neglect their school work, or are consistently late for classes may be given detentions by their teachers. Detentions usually take place for 30 minutes during lunch time. They may involve work duty or some written assignment. Skipping detention is a serious matter and may result in a student referral to administration.


Students who break school regulations or behave in a manner that seriously interferes or disrupts the orderly and safe climate of the school will be suspended.  A suspension from school means the withdrawal of all school privileges including attending class for a designated amount of time, being on school property, attending school functions and participating in extracurricular activities, including sports. Guardians will be contacted if a student is suspended.  Students who are suspended are automatically referred to a counsellor or First Nations Support Worker to get support for addictions, to develop strategies in dealing with conflict and anger or for dealing with personal issues.

It is the guardians’ and the students’ responsibility to know the school regulations. Students should also be aware that they may be given in-school suspensions when their behaviour or work has become unsatisfactory.

The purpose of this policy is to provide a safe and cooperative environment in which all students have the opportunity to learn.


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