Academic Policy


Grade 8s and 9s are normally passed by grade rather than by subject.  Grade 10s are passed by subject. All core courses (English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and PE) are compulsory courses and must be passed in order for the student to attain a dogwood diploma at the end of grade 12.

Grade 11s and 12s are passed by subject. All senior students must pass a
Science 11, Mathematics 11, English 11, Social Studies 111 and complete their Graduation Transitions course. They must also complete a Fine Arts course and Applied Skills course at the senior level for a total of 80 credits. For more information please contact a school counselor.


A student may be retained in his current grade if:
1) the student has failed to apply himself/herself to the subject.
2) poor class attendance.
3) past history of failure in the subject.
4) testing has indicated that student may benefit from another year spent in the subject area.
5) in the opinion of the staff the student would positively benefit by being retained with no negative impact on the whole class.

Honour / Merit / Principal Roll:

The school maintains a “MERIT” and an “HONOUR” roll for each reporting period.  There is also a “Principal’s List” to recognize outstanding achievement and citizenship, though not academically at the level of the honour roll students.


At year-end, good attendance, academic performance, good citizenship, athletic prowess, leadership and school service are recognized with certificates, medals, plaques, trophies and in some cases money.

Passport to Education:

Passport to Education is a Ministry of Education incentive to provide some financial support to students who have worked hard in school and intend to receive post secondary education.

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